Has the World Gone Mad

Has the world gone mad?
I ask this question very seriously. We are witnessing a pivotal time in human history.  Mankind has been evolving for aeons, slowly loosening their comforting grasp on issues of old to allow in new and advanced ways of thinking.

The turn of the millennium has brought with it a shift beyond anything the world has ever seen. People are awakening to the truth within their hearts and casting aside the varied mental constructs that keep division and hatred alive.

People are choosing acceptance over exclusion. They are opening their hearts to the reality that we are all in this together.

The evidence is all around us. We are seeing a progressive shift towards love and life that seeks understanding; and the acceptance that comes with it.

For many of us the above statements are true and easily perceived. Yet for too many of us this shift is seen as a threat. Conservative and old-fashioned ways of thinking are trumping the advancements for far to many of us.

That is why I ask the question; “Has humanity gone mad?”.

I would think that all of humanity would be united in wanting the peace and progress that comes from understanding, instead of the divisiveness and stagnant bias that is breed through ignorance.

Yet I am wrong. Many have become so steeped in the ways of old that they are comforted by the very things that cause us harm. They welcome the abuser, they enable them, and their identities are inextricably intertwined.

The time is always now. We must do all we can to spread the truth as fast as we can, and dispel the lies spread by those who would damn the progress we have made thus far.

I do not think I need to specify an issue, we all see the fight raging before us.

There are things in our past that we should always hold dear and preserve to the best of our ability, but those things should only be what enriches and awakens the best aspects of our humanity. If it brings out the worst in us it has got to go, so that we can be the best we have to offer for ourselves and for those around us.

Be safe out there, and keep fighting the good fight. Remember to love one another and seek understanding instead of casting others aside. I guarantee you that if you simply seek to understand your enemy you will find a companion.


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Why I’m choosing #BernieorBust over more BULLS$$T

#BernieorBust #BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern
I cannot understand how divided the American public is politically. How isn’t the only authentic and honest candidate demolishing every one else?

Are people loosing their minds?

How in the world have things become so chaotic and confused?

What was once undeniably true and easy to understand has become convoluted in a sea of controversy, the simple truth has become replaced with a bastardized version that relies on a willful ignorance of the facts.


Lets talk a minute about the political atmosphere. Never before in my brief lifetime have I seen such extreme difference between the candidates. The difference between Republican and Democrat used to be minimal, with certain elected officials able to cross the aisle quite easily.

What we are witnessing today is a freak show where truth is an inconvenience, authenticity is replaced by lip-service, and the preservation of the establishment Trumps democracy.

What we are seeing is the dissolution of the establishment by the American People.

The Democratic and Republican parties are nothing more than establishment preservationists. They want, above all else, to preserve the way things are because they directly benefit greatly by the system as it stands.

Money in politics is essentially legalized bribery. It allows elected officials to cozy up with companies and corporations that share certain interests and viewpoints, and accept financial contributions from these moneyed interest groups.

How in the world did this become a part of the American political process?


This ability to accept financial contribution is an obvious conflict of interests.

Elected officials are in office specifically to be responsive to the voice of the people. When they accept financial contributions that ability to be responsive to public opinion is diminished. They are elected to serve as representatives of the people, yet we allow them to sell their allegiance to the highest bidder. This is a travesty, a reversal of the democratic process our forefathers intended.

I am absolutely against money in politics. It undermines everything that America stands for.

There is only one candidate that is unequivocally poised to represent the people and not the establishment and the moneyed interests financing their every move.

I can see only one person that has not benefited directly from the legalized bribery that mars our democratic process.

That person is Bernie Sanders. If you haven’t already researched this amazing man and the revolutionary policy proposals he intends to implement I implore you to start right this moment.

Do not listen to the slanderous nonsense mainstream media and establishment pundits are leveling against him, look at his lengthly career in politics and his long standing presence for equality, justice and freedom for all people in America and abroad.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love this man and won’t consider anyone else as our next president. #BernieorBust

itezen bern

The only BS I will be tolerating from now on is Bernie Sanders.

Don’t be Fooled Humanity isn’t Evil

A complacent acceptance of evil can only be achieved if we first believe it exists within us.  There is a lot of evil in the world, anyone can see that, but I believe we are born pure and sometimes become evil. I am not going to debate the philosophical argument as to whether or not certain individuals are born evil. I do not belive they are.

Human beings are extremely complex and can suffer from all manner of psychological and physical afflictions from an infinite number of variables, and we’ve seen these afflictions manifest in many ways previously unimaginable. But I believe what we witness to be the result of a life that has failed the individual, a life that did not nurture and yield a fruitful and creative individual. 

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
If there is one common thread woven throughout all of human history it’s our ability to do better contrasted with our refusal to do so. We, as human beings, possess the intellect to do things that make sense across the board. We can develop technology that is fruitful and yields nothing destructive or dangerous. We can provide nutritionally dense foodstuffs through agricultural advancements and feed the world population. We can provide the healthcare, education, and access to the basic necessities of life on every continent and to every living being. We can relate with each other by encouraging peaceful and civil discourse to expose our similarities and diminish our differences.

Hands of bean and peas seller, Varanasi Benares India
Hands of bean and peas seller, Varanasi Benares India

So why don’t we?

Why do we insist on reinforcing a platform that relies on division instead of unity at every juncture?

I think it boils down to one essential thing, whether or not you believe life is good, and that human beings are good at their core.

This is the essential difference between cultivating a worldview that promotes unity and creativity, or becoming mired in the misbelief that the world is evil; that people are evil.

Humanity is a word that elicits different reactions from different people.

If I asked you “What does the word humanity mean to you?” What would you say?

Would you say, evil, greedy, sinful and dangerous?
Or would you say loving, compassionate, graceful and understanding?

No matter your answer you would be technically correct. We, as a species, possess the ability to become what we believe we are. We can become the best or the worst the world has ever seen. This ability is ours and ours alone, no other creature can boast such capabilities.

Do you understand how powerful this makes us? Do you understand how revolutionary this understanding of oneself is?


We can decide, right now, that we are going to embody the best humanity has to offer. We can emulate the best we’ve been blessed to witness while refusing to act in the repugnant and vile ways we’ve had the misfortune of experiencing.

So I ask you again; “What does the word humanity mean to you?”

I see beauty, compassion, love, intellect, wisdom, courage, fortitude… I even see purity.

How else could our hearts ache at the sight of suffering and rejoice at the sight of loving compassion if not for a purity deep within? How else could we understand the emotional undertone that defines us?


The belief that life is good, that human beings are essentially good, is the starting point to a new beginning and a new and fruitful life.

That is why I am writing these words to you this day. Because I awoke this morning looking at the world with disbelief, searching for the answers to why people seem so divided politically, spiritually and ideologically. I wanted to understand why some people, who have what can be considered irreconcilable differences, can accept each other with open arms while others whose differences are marginal at best, are at each others throats. I wanted to understand how the truth is willfully ignored by some, and embraced by others.

And the best I can come up with is this belief in essential goodness or essential evil.


I believe people are essentially good. This allows me to listen to their perspective on things and valuing their opinion, even if it differs from my own. It also allows me to feel a kinship with them, opening up my ability to understand them empathetically. It allows me to view them as human first and not just some “other”.

We are all in this thing together. You and I are in this thing together. We all must awaken to this reality and embrace each other, differences and all, if we are to forge a new future and maybe… just maybe… stop refusing to do better, because we have the capability to create paradise right here on earth.

All we need to do is start believing in the truth of our deepest selves while rejecting what the world has taught us to the contrary. 

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Bernie Sanders and the Rebirth of Political Integrity

By now you have heard the name Bernie Sanders, unless of course you’re living without access to social media, or Television, or Radio, or Newspapers, or Magazines, or people for that matter.


The American Presidential election cycle never disappoints, always providing a healthy debate that furthers our dialogue as citizens, party members, and self anointed experts on the complex and chaotic political atmosphere here in the United States.

iumeme bern

Every so often, during these volatile political times, we are given competitors so captivating, so unimaginably engrossing, that we cannot tear our eyes and ears away from the melee. Even less often do we get to bear witness to a veritable tantrum-between-toddlers-dubbed Republican primary candidates on the one side, and the rise of the underdog from once inconceivable to currently the most electable, viable, and trusted candidate on the Democratic side of the isle.

honest bern

At least that’s what the poll numbers suggest.

We sure do live in strange times don’t we?

On January 12, 2015 Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was polling nationally at 4.0%. At that very same time Hillary Clinton was polling 60.8% nationally. Fast forward to February 15, 2016 and the tides have shifted quite a bit with Sanders at 40.5% to Clintons 49.5%.

How could a Senator who was virtually unknown in the beginning of 2015 be within striking distance of the most recognizable Democrat of this election?

I think the answer is a simple one. People trust him. His speaking points remain consistent. His track record shows the validity of his position on the issues, and of course for those who care to do the research, his unwavering dedication to equality and justice lend him an air of authenticity long thought dead by many regarding American politics.

ready bern

Bernie Sanders is the real-deal.

So why are so many people quick to dismiss him? Why are so many Americans quick to buy into the baseless attacks leveled against him?

Again, I believe the answer to this question is very simple. People trust their news sources. Isn’t that the crux of it all? People are being fed opinionated rhetoric in place of hard facts, numbers and statistical information. The average American is forming views based on the opinionated and biased reporting of the so called ‘news’.

People are going to believe the news sources that they’ve come to know and love over the years. I get it. People do not expect it to be this way. People don’t want to believe that their trusted ‘journalists’, who once regarded their professions akin to sacred harbingers of truth, and vested protectors of our First Amendment’s right to freedom of speech, as having become nothing more than a cast of glorified soap operas.


The truth about the American mainstream media is that it has been quietly overtaken by the very same moneyed interests that have infiltrated the political and legislative processes that steer this great nation.

The fact that corporate titans own the American mainstream media and have grown to enormous wealth and prestige is irrefutable. The fact that they can use their substantial coffers to influence politics and legislation is similarly undeniable. The problem isn’t in their ability’s to do so but in our inability to know whether or not they have. The realty is that if you want to find the truth these days, you need to listen to all of the ‘news’. Listen with a grain of salt. Take it all in with a sarcastic demeanor brimming with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Because the question isn’t whether or not you are being lied to, you are. Let’s get that out of the way right now. You are most definitely being lied to on all fronts to varying degrees. The trick is to stop believing what you are being told and start doing research regarding the issues and talking points at hand.

Take the medias most recent attack on Bernie Sanders for example. CNN, in their stylized manipulation of the truth, have been reporting on a statement he made during the Democratic debate in Flint Michigan.

Here is the statement they feel is so important of mass-media-coverage; “when you’re white you don’t know what it is like to be living in the ghetto…when you’re white you don’t know what its like to be poor…”

At first glance this statement sounds as though he is implying that white people have never experienced financial despair, that skin color alone exclude whites from experiencing any financial distress whatsoever. It also implies that all blacks in America are automatically living in a ghetto… awkward… and more utter nonsense.

The real issue here is that these statements have been cherry picked, intentionally excluded from the entirety of his speech. Here is the statements once again, but within the complete context of the narrative he was speaking on at the Flint debate;

LEMON: Thank you, Secretary. Senator Sanders, on a personal front, what racial blind spots do you have?
SANDERS: Well, let me just very briefly tell you a story. When I was in one of my first years in Congress, I went to a meeting downtown in Washington, D.C. And I went there with another congressman, an African-American congressman. And then we kind of separated during the meeting. And then I saw him out later on. And he was sitting there waiting and I said, well, let’s go out and get a cab. How come you didn’t go out and get a cab?

He said, no, I don’t get cabs in Washington, D.C. This was 20 years ago. Because he was humiliated by the fact that cab drivers would go past him because he was black. I couldn’t believe, you know, you just sit there and you say, this man did not take a cab 20 years ago in Washington, D.C. Tell you another story, I was with young people active in the Black Lives Matter movement. A young lady comes up to me and she says, you don’t understand what police do in certain black communities. You don’t understand the degree to which we are terrorized, and I’m not just talking about the horrible shootings that we have seen, which have got to end and we’ve got to hold police officers accountable, I’m just talking about everyday activities where police officers are bullying people.

So to answer your question, I would say, and I think it’s similar to what the secretary said, when you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor. You don’t know what it’s like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car.
And I believe that as a nation in the year 2016, we must be firm in making it clear. We will end institutional racism and reform a broken criminal justice system. –Source

Taken in full context it is apparent that he was summarizing what had been relayed to him. It is obvious that the presence of institutionalized racism was already implied and the socio-economic depression of an area already suggested. These statements, in full context, do not intend a generalization of race, whether white or black.

I challenge anyone who believes that Bernie Sanders is unfit to be President of the United States to comment below with their fact based evidence. Provide evidence that contradicts the authenticity and integrity he has shown throughout his long career as a political leader. Please solidify the fear-mongering pundits claims that he is a ‘Socialist’ rather than a ‘Democratic Socialist’. I beg of you, please give me anything of substance among this echo-chamber of blabbering fools and opinionated rhetoric. Please. There have been no shortage of attacks on his character, policies, campaign, or even his supporters. Take your pick!

And to all my fellow Berners out there, KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! #FeelTheBern
Keep spreading the truth faster than they can spread the lies and we can win!

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Why are Babies Beautiful?

When I first thought about this a few days ago, the question felt like it was to simple, to easy, a no-brainer if you will. But the more I thought about it the more revealing the question became as I was forced to ponder everything from our mortality to our progeny as a species.


Babies are beautiful. They smile and we smile, they laugh and we laugh. We cannot help but become reflections of their emotional outpourings, as we gaze on in awe at the marvelous beginnings of a human life. Newborn children are a sight to behold. The way their skin creases and folds as they wriggle, the spark of light and life that shines behind the eyes, even the apparent strangeness they feel beyond the warm amniotic embrace they’ve become so accustomed to, and their awkward movements in an attempted escape, are flattering. Babies are absolutely beautiful, in every color and shape and size they are beautiful.


But I ask you this; why are they beautiful? Is it because they represent the very best and purest of us all? Is it because they embody, quite literally, the continuation of life? Is it because they are vulnerable and weak, fully dependent on us for their own survival? Could it be that we are hard-wired to see them as shining beacons of light and life and hope that we as humans seek tirelessly, the stuff inspiration and a joyful existence rely on?

I believe the answer to all of these questions is a simple yes. They are all those things and much, much more. The vastness and complexity of the universe and all the life contained therein is beyond human conception, we cannot fathom the immensity of it all. All we are left with is the awe that fuels our imaginations and the never ending stream of questions we ponder as we mine the depths of information and gain knowledge of this wild-ride called life.


But just as the universe is beyond our grasp, as the macrocosm of our perceivable reality, so is the newborn child beyond our imaginings. Each new life that arrives represents the infinitesimally small, the microcosm of our perceivable reality, the vastness that extends inward and never-ends.

The beauty we perceive can be attributed to many superfluous things, like symmetry, aesthetics, and personal preferences of all sorts, but the foundation to all beauty is life. Often-times as human beings, with our limited sensory perception, we miss the beauty that is all around us. We fail to recognize it in all the amazing and diverse forms within which it can be found. The cycle of life is everywhere, from the geological depths of Earth all the way to our beloved Sun there are interconnected processes that allow for and incubate life, old and new.


I believe Babies are beautiful for may reasons, but the most notable is that their beauty represents the improbability of this all. They are the awesome byproducts of everything we cannot truly understand. No matter how scientifically adept, or spiritually enlightened, a baby leaves us awe-struck, forced to acknowledge the limitations within ourselves as we look to the stars and dream.

So next time you visit the smallest and newest among us, stare into their eyes, and ponder just what makes them so beautiful!

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

The rise of Trump is fascinating. You, as his supporter, fascinate me. Here is a man who rarely says anything that is fact based and verifiable. Almost all of his statements are opinions. Most of them are easy enough to debunk with the facts, but for some strange reason you do not feel the need to do so.

Not to beat a dead horse, but let’s take this infamous Donald Trump quote from June 17, 2015;

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re sending people who have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing drugs, They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

This is the epitome of the non-factual opinionated rhetoric of our day. Not one of the declarations within this statement can be verified with facts. As a matter of fact each key point can be easily refuted.

Yet you, as his supporter, take it lock-stock-and-barrel as a true statement.

Never before have I seen so many people blindly accepting opinionated rhetoric as truth. I used to think that mainstream American media outlets had perfected the art of manipulating public opinion through a clever blend of opinionated rhetoric with a dash of half-truth, but I was wrong. The Donald has won the world championship of spewing nonsense while having it accepted, without question, as truth.

Don’t get me wrong here. A difference of opinion is a common occurrence. You and I constantly find ourselves embroiled in deep discussion with our friends and family only to realize that we fundamentally disagree on certain topics. This is only natural. We are all different. We have had different experiences and are at different points in this journey we call life, but does that mean that the truth is different from person to person? Does that mean that what is true for you is nothing more that an opinion that will shift as time goes on? Absolutely not, there is only one truth and it relies on concrete facts. Unverified opinion is never a fact. You need to do some research.

So why are you unwilling to let go of your opinions even when they fly in the face of the facts? Why are you clinging to the hate and the blame? I believe it is a form of self-preservation, a way for you to absolve yourself of any responsibility for the state of things as they stand, but I’m not qualified to make that statement, it’s just my opinion. It is much easier to blame others than to recognize faults. We are all collectively to blame to some degree, and that is a fact.

Lets face it. Our minds are incapable of holding the entirety of human knowledge. It is impossible for us to know everything about every single topic. It is simply beyond the scope of our capacity as humans. This is where a most profound and beautiful thing within the human mind occurs, we leap forward through imagination. We form concepts, assumptions, beliefs and of course we finally make a hypothesis. We take the leap from concrete knowledge to complex and assumptive reasoning in an attempt to understand even more than we did just moments before.

Often enough this kind of assumptive reasoning brings forth the epiphanies we crave as we meander down the rabbit hole in search of knowledge. It is the stuff of Music and Art and Philosophy, it even leads to advancements in things like Theoretical Physics, but it can just as easily become the stuff of nightmares.

It s very important for you to understand the difference between fact based truth and an opinion. An opinion is formed through a process of assumptive reasoning, a process marred with leaps of faith that lack the concrete empirical evidence that elevates mere opinion to fact. The difference is clear when we have the presence of mind to step back and dissect our position, exposing whether or not our idea has a factual foundation or not.

Trump is capitalizing on your anger and fear. He is manufacturing a concise rhetoric designed to masquerade as truth. His interjection of basic truths throughout his largely opinionated campaign speeches is meant to trick you into accepting everything he says as truth. His strategy is effective. He has you, and the rest of his followers, parroting the xenophobic, sexist, racist, and ignorant talking points he has become known for.

We face a major problem when we do not step back and evaluate our position. We continue unaware of whether or not our position is based in fact or fiction. We take steps that bring us down a path that has no sturdy foundation, and in time it is destined to crumble beneath our feet. There is no greater waste of our efforts than the pursuit of a lie. Let’s not mince words here. If it is not the truth it is a lie by definition. An opinion, if it is not fully recognized as such, becomes a lie that masquerades as truth as it is passes from one person to another. This is the stuff of nightmares, ideologies become radicalized as leaps of faith bring individuals farther and farther from the truth. A once rational mind can become riddled with opinions that are accepted as truth, and in this state their can be no logical reasoning.

When opinions are accepted as truth there is a chain reaction that occurs. One opinion becomes the basis for another, and like Cancer the mind eventually becomes overrun with an infinite stream of irrational reasonings fueled by opinionated justifications. These can lead to any conclusion. The truth is singular, precisely because it is based in fact.

Is what you believe based in truth? Have you researched the facts?

The truth about immigrants

Why a border wall is a dumb idea

Illegal immigration from Mexico has actually declined

The truth is out there. It is easy enough to discern if we have the courage to let go of our opinions and simply crunch the facts.

I welcome any and all criticisms. Please send me your best defense of Trump to thomasparisi@thinkhub.org


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Later Gator…


Trump is Americas Dominant Male Archetype

With the primaries looming just a month away the battle for the GOP nomination is heating up fast. The support Trump has gained is not over-all very surprising, after all, he is one of the most recognizable names on the planet. He has successfully branded himself to be perceived as synonymous with not only success but BIG success. His name has literally come to mean “to out-do” the competition. His initial launch and momentum therefore came as no surprise to anyone. What has become quite astonishing is how he can repeatedly make statements that should be alienating him from voter group after voter group, his extreme case of foot-in-mouth disease should have marginalized him to a point of no return by now yet his campaign continues to soar.

His outlandish and offensive statements should have done irreparable damage. His antics should have taken away any shred of qualification one would need in order to be Commander in Chief here in America. Somehow they have not, and that is the strangest and possibly scariest thing about his campaign.

iuMany of his supporters vehemently declare that Trump will “make America great again”. They site his long history as a business man and his strong leadership skills. All to often I hear the argument that as a successful business man he will correct our financial woes as a Nation while simultaneously utilizing those leadership abilities to steer us in the right direction.

I have one major issue with this proposed scenario, Trump has no interpersonal skills. He speaks at people, not with people. He is good at giving orders but terrible when it comes to listening to the opinions of others. I can see how this type of dominant and assertive character could thrive in the corporate world but as President, not-so-much.

For one, it would be a foreign relations nightmare.

His recent call to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. made waves across the globe as our world community shrank back in abject horror of such a notion. In Britain a Petition to ban Trump received over 570,000 signatures, enough for an obligatory Parliamentary session to discuss the issue.

Let that sink in for a minute, our closest Ally on the world stage debated whether or not to ban a presidential candidate from entering their country.

UK FlagYou are all familiar with the questionable statements he has made and will continue to make. It seems that even the Donald himself is well aware that his hateful and offensive statements should be driving voters away; but for some reason are not.

His latest statement, “I could shoot someone, and not lose any voters.”

He may just be right. The anomaly that is the Trump is an outgrowth of our media-cultivated reality that enmeshes with the real-world. His character is larger than life, his antics well known and long accepted (even if it used to be for entertainment purposes only). He is a familiar character and one that is recognized as a symbol of wealth and greatness.

Has the legend of Donald Trump been seared indelibly on the minds of Americans? Has he become the archetypal dominant male role model? How else could he spout corrosive sentiments left and right yet remain ja viable candidate for Leader of the Free World?

America is not a Business. We are not all of like mind. As a population we vary in every conceivable way. We are the melting pot of the world. We do not need someone with a singular and unyielding methodology. We need someone with an open mind and heart, someone who can be a diplomat first. We play on a world stage that is quite complex and will require nuanced discussion and debate. To believe that the limited and specific set of skills needed to be successful in business somehow qualifies an individual to be President is short-sighted and ill-informed.

As an American citizen I am disgusted by Trumps biased and hateful attacks.

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Trippers Document Their Experience Of Taking LSD At A Donald Trump Rally

Trippers Document Their Experience Of Taking LSD At A Donald Trump Rally

image by John Vibes

January 22, 2016 by John VibesLast week, Redditor /u/flipper8088 posted a detailed trip journal on the “psychonaut” section of Reddit, describing his experience at a Donald Trump rally while under the influence of LSD. Many have compared this journey with the style of “Gonzo Journalism” that Hunter S Thompson was recognized for throughout his career. Today, it is actually surprisingly common for journalists and thrill seekers of other varieties to attend important events while under the influence of psychedelic drugs so they can”take it all in.”
In the case of the Trump rally trippers, they were not pleased with what they experienced.
Their entry titled “Went to a Donald Trump speech on acid SUPER BAD VIBES,” can be read in full below:
“It was a stupid idea to begin with honestly. First my friends wanted to go to the Trump rally just for fun even when they don’t support his ideas. Then in the car on the way there one of my friends tells me he just got a hold of some acid and that it would be hilarious to be tripping at a Donald Trump speech, just to say we did it n that it’ll be funny story to look back on. So we all just say f*** it and drop 2 hits each. Bad idea. We walk into the place and just know that something is very wrong. The tension in the air was flowing through our bodies, everyone looked angry about something. 10 minutes pass and we all realize we must escape from this hell on earth before we lose every ounce of sanity we have left. We head for the exits, it’s packed with people and security. WE WONT MAKE IT! We all agree and head back to our seats. (We could’ve made it we were just tripping too hard to be rational) Trump comes out and the whole building starts shaking with chants of USA! USA! USA! It was proud patriotism with an undertone of depraved violence, you could feel it. We all look at each other with the most dreadful look in our eyes knowing we just f***ed ourselves into oblivion. I might post the rest of the story later when I have time

Source: alizabethnova.tumblr.com

“Edit: Rest of story: I put both my arms around my friends and tell them I love them deeply and that we will make it through this experience together, like always. This seemed to reassure my friends a little and it also gave me a sense of comfort that I had 2 trustful companions by my side, even if their minds were being fucked beyond measure at the moment. If anything, genuine trust and unconditional love was the only savior we had left.
“The peak started intensify about 5 minutes (or was it 5 seconds) into his speech. We were sitting on the left side (ground level) about 150 feet away from Mr trump. Got a terrific view of his exquisite hairpiece in person that seemed to have a mind of its own as it was breathing and taking on different forms throughout the whole speech. The visuals were up to par with around 200 ug in my experience, some rare strong street acid, just my luck in this situation. My mind begins to wander as I stop forwarding my conscious attention to his rhetoric and start observing people in the crowd. Started to think about how weird the human race is.

“The woman in front of me had brought 5 of her kids to this rowdy cesspool. All her kids kept glancing and staring at us. One peeked around the corner of his stroller stared straight into my f***ing soul for I don’t know how long and then proceeds to point out how big my pupils are. “Mommy, look how big his eyes are. The Mother hears it glances at me with the most heinous expression on her face, she definitely knew.
“I Start paying attention to Trump again and his face starts to subtly melt. The melting intensifies until his face looks like a wax statue thrown into a furnace. I point this out to my friends and they start seeing it. Try holding back laughter on 2 hits of strong acid, it doesn’t work and we burst out laughing while Mr Trump is speaking, he pauses his speech but doesn’t pay us any mind as we cover our mouth quickly. Everyone around us knew we were on something though.
“Protesters in the crowd kept yelling things and were getting dragged out by security. Lol one guy yells ‘TRUMP DID 9/11! open your eyes to the truth’ This is when I realized the opposition is just as idiotic as the supporters. As a country we are digging our own graves. I start to look at myself and fell into a deep state of personal introspection. What was the motive for me taking this action anyway? Why was I here at a trump rally on 2 hits of LSD? Was I searching for some hidden truth by way of chemicals? Or was I here for good fun? I was just as irrational as the others I looked down upon.
“You know how sometimes YOU have ‘moments of eternity’ on LSD. Yeah well that was happening all night, the speech felt like it kept looping over and over and over and over and over. Muslims this, guns this, illegals that, something about Hilary Clinton being disgusting by using the restroom. Then every 5 minutes after a bold statement, the crowd erupts into mindless cheers and applause. Endless time loop. This when I actually convinced myself that I was living out the novel 1984. I genuinely believed this. Trump was big brother HOLY SHIT AN EPIPHANY. TRUMP IS BIG BROTHER. Yeah this when the trip started to take a bad turn again but wait a miracle. THE LOOP IS OVER. WE’RE SAVED. THE DEVIL IS DONE WITH HIS RHETORIC. The speech was over. we can get out of this zoo now. We figure we’re all too f***ed up to drive so we call someone to pick us up. After that we had a deep discussion about politics, America, Philosophy, Trumps hairpiece and how incredibly idiotic we are.”

This article (Trippers Document Their Experience Of Taking LSD At A Donald Trump Rally) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com.
John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/trippers-document-their-experience-of-taking-lsd-at-a-donald-trump-rally/

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Racism in Twenty-First Century America

In twenty-first century America it should be an easy discussion to have, this issue of racism. Racism exists. It is easily observed in our lives and in the lives of those around us. It isn’t even that difficult to understand. We, as human beings, look around us frantically trying to make sense of the world around us. We form ideas and concepts and make many assumptions about the world. We do this because we cannot be omniscient. We cannot know everything. Making assumptions based on what we know thus far is just a smart move. We want to be surefooted and safe as we advance through life, so we take what we’ve learned and make our best guess sometimes. People prefer familiarity to change. Another evolutionary safeguard for ensured survival perhaps?

This alone is cause for people to fear and approach cautiously the things we know little to nothing about. Racism is, simply put, the byproduct of what many think they know thus far. Unfortunately the information people receive is becoming less and less based in real world experience. We listen to the stories of others instead of finding out first-hand. What we think we know can be far from reality, depending of course on where you get your information from.


As a species, we have constructed complex narratives throughout the ages to help us grasp this unfathomable thing we are experiencing. Life is overwhelming. In twenty-first century America you would think that we would move beyond the tall tales of old to tell us how to think and act, how to behave and interact. But instead we have found new narratives, new trusted sources to tell us what to believe beyond the limited scope of our personal experience. We’ve put down our books filled with fairytales and mythology and turned on our televisions. From smart phones all the way to the big screen cinema we beg to be told another story, at the end of the day all people really want is to understand it all.

Gambia girl

Ever since we first wailed at the uncomfortable sting of cold air on our newborn skin we have been receiving information from this world. We’ve been forming our very own perception of it. We’ve been developing a worldview that fits comfortably within the narrative we are being told.

Back to the issue of racism. Imagine for a minute that you had never met a black individual before but had cable T.V., do you think that your overall perception of black culture would be a positive one? Or do you think maybe not-so-much?

People who live in New York City have ample opportunity to personally get to know people of every ethnicity, even foreigners are there on a regular basis. But this, sadly has not eliminated racism in NYC. It just isn’t that easy.

Sitting Bull - edit2

The reason racism can fester even where people of different ethnicities thrive is also a simple one, because if you want to continue listening to the narrative you have to believe. If you want to listen to pundits like Trump you have to be on board. You must ascribe to the preposterous and grandiose assumptions he makes about whole races and cultures. People who continue listening to the narrative, even when their real world experiences debunk the biased assumptions, are arguably the most dangerous. They have become willfully ignorant and hateful, which is ultimately nothing more than a defense mechanism. They have become non-thinking conformists who await being told what to think next.

Robinhunicke at thatgamecompany photoshoot, August 2009

Don’t get me wrong, people have a right to be scared in a world that promotes violence, division, hate, and even war. The world is terrifying, but why? Why is the world such a dangerous place? What are people so defensive and divisive? Well, it’s because of the narrative, the tall tales we are told and in turn tell each other. When the story we tell ourselves works us into a frenzy we need to begin to change the narrative.

Ideas of racism, and of what type of behavior is typical to a group can be self-adopted. Inner city youths are taught by gang leaders to become exactly what the racist see’s in minorities. And as they grow and act in ways appropriate to the group they have identified with the local stations begin to pick up stories of violence and chaos. These stories are then relayed nationwide if the carnage is grotesque enough to garner a ratings boost. It becomes part of the collective narrative.

Daniele Bennati 02

Many people would say that television and movies do not heavily impact the way we see the world, which is utter nonsense. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real world experience and these stories we take in. It all becomes part of the narrative. Until we live in a world that tells a narrative that is unbiased the world will continue to produce biased minds.

Movies that promote violent gang life (without any humanizing and relevant threads) are promoting racism. Those memes of President Barak Obama holding a banana are, you guessed it, racist. When Bill O’Reilly calls black protesters thugs and white protesters students he is being racist. The examples are literally in the gazillions. Racism is alive and well in the biased narrative here in America.

David Dixon Porter - Mathew Brady's National Photographic Art Gallery

Racism exists in the mind first. It exists in the minds of Black, Hispanic, Aboriginal, and Chinese alike. Sometimes it is self-applied. It is a false set of assumptions gleaned from the long narrative we are being told all day every day.

My eyes where opened the hard way. I am white and I used to hold certain biases about minorities. I was never overtly racist, I actually spoke against racism as early as 8 when my first best friend was black, but as I grew I observed some racist notions within myself. I went to prison in 2011 at the end of a struggle with addiction. With a 3 year sentence to fulfill I had a lot of time to talk to people, and strangely enough the majority of the prisoners where minorities. The more I spoke with others about there experiences and the lives they had been living I quickly realized that they where absolutely no difference between us in any perceivable way besides physical.

Chaplin The Kid edit

I spoke with inmate after inmate about what lead them down a path of crime. Every time I heard a tale riddled with self-sabotage and adverse environments. They all to often grew up learning to view themselves according to a racist narrative. We need to alter the narrative to exclude the biased assumptions we make about ourselves and others based on skin color, culture, and religion. We need to add our voices to the narrative to combat the racist rhetoric that seems absurdly commonplace here in twenty-first century America.

Racism is not very complicated. We live in a world where we are bombarded with narratives that give us information from which we then assess the world anew. The world is a very big place. Most people see black people on television and see them very infrequently in real life. These folks get most of their information about ‘others’ from TV, Movies, Magazines, Pop-Culture, and of course the dreaded FOX news… and the narratives that are told inevitably tell a tale that is tall rather than true. White privilege is also not very complicated. When all the narratives you hear about ‘whites’ are about your friends and family, about positive and uplifting things, you naturally form a ‘trust’ or a preference towards whites. In a system of thinking that perpetuates negative generalizations towards all skin colors but white: white becomes preferred. This is a learned pattern of thinking.

Manzanar calisthenics 0016u

Become anti-racist. Speak openly and at length about the biased narrative that is being propagated in mainstream media. Call it for what it is. Embrace your brothers and sisters of all walks of life and let them tell you a story, because their narrative, the real-world experiences they have, will be evidence enough of the injustice of racism in twenty-first century America.

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The Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Elusive Truth

People have long been fascinated and amazed at the remnants of cultures from long ago. Egyptian artifacts are tantalizingly difficult for modern day scientists to fully understand, and this juxtaposition of ancient artifacts, some of which date back thousands of years, alongside our advanced technological equipment (which fails to answer how they achieved the amazing feats we see scattered across the desert) only adds to the mysterious nature of it all.


Here are just a few of the unanswered questions regarding the marvelous remnants of ancient Egypt.

How where the pyramids built?
How where they built in such a short time span?
How where the stone blocks placed with such precision?

These are some of the most basic observations concerning the mysterious nature of the great pyramids. Engineers and Architects the world over fail to explain how such an enormous structure could be erected with precision that can rarely be duplicated even with the use of modern day technology.

The Egyptian pyramids at Giza were built during the third millennium BC, and have long been believed to be primarily built as Tombs for the Pharaohs. Generally, the ages are known from records of the reign of each successive ‘king’. Estimates of their actual ages have previously been accurate only to the nearest century.

The tombs are aligned north-south with an accuracy of up to 0.05 degrees. How the Egyptians did this has remained unclear. Today, you could align a building north-south by pointing the sides towards the pole star, which sits roughly at true north. However, a wobble in the Earth’s axis of rotation (called precession), means that the positions of the stars changes gradually over time.


In the third millennium BC, no star sat at the North pole. Instead, all the stars in the North sky rotated around an imaginary point marking the North pole.

Experts thought the ancient Egyptians might have watched a single star circle this imaginary point and aligned their pyramid with the circle’s centre. Source;https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn174-pyramid-precision/


Then there is still of course the simple question as to how the stone blocks where cut and transported over such distances, and eventually elevated and placed atop one another. While many have devised methods that can explain how such tasks could be completed, no one has yet to explain how fast they would need to be accomplished.

“It’s 756 feet long on each side, 450 feet high and is composed of 2,300,000 blocks of stone, each averaging 2 1/2 tons in weight. Despite the makers’ limited surveying tools, no side is more than 8 inches different in length than another, and the whole structure is perfectly oriented to the points of the compass. Even in the 19th century, it was the tallest building in the world and, at the age of 4,500 years, it is the only one of the famous “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” that still stands. Even today it remains the most massive building on Earth. It is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, at Giza, Egypt.
Some of the earliest history of the Pyramid comes from a Greek the historian and traveler Herodotus of Halicarnassus. He visited Egypt around 450 BC and included a description of the Great Pyramid in a history book he wrote. Herodotus was told by his Egyptian guides that it took twenty years for a force of 100,000 oppressed slaves to build the pyramid (with another 10 years to build a stone causeway that connected it to a temple in the valley below). Stones were lifted into position by the use of immense machines. The purpose of the structure, according to Herodotus’s sources, was as a tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu (whom the Greeks referred to as Cheops). Source;http://www.unmuseum.org/kpyramid.htm


africa_egypt_cairo_giza_great_pyramids_large_square_tile-r7a4892e39a1c41d5b7ca299ccf77a7b1_agtbm_8byvr_324This official explanation is difficult to grasp once the time frame is understood. Simply put, if it only took twenty years than each one of the 2.3 million stone blocks would have to be mined, transported, and placed in less than five minutes. There is absolutely no way this is possible, hence the ongoing mystery.

The harder we look at he Egyptian artifacts the more questions arise. More theories are introduced as our imaginations reel at the vast accomplishments of this marvelous culture of old. Personally, I hope we never truly understand. After all, isn’t it a little mystery that sparks the imagination and propels us beyond mere understanding into innovation and invention? In trying to solve the mysteries and the problems we face we dig deeper and deeper looking for answers, therefore if we already had the answers we would have no need for advancement. I encourage all of you to explore the rich history of Egypt and all its mysterious glory.

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Rise of Horus Sweatshirt

Selling War

Undeniably we live in troubled times. But why? If you listen to the news you will hear convenient stories that perpetuate the division and hate that fuels the chaos of this world. Why don’t we ever hear about the things that promote peace, that erode division, that elevate us out of fear and anxiety? The answer is quite simple; there’s no profit when people live in peace.

Muslim extremism occupies a vast majority of media coverage here in America.

Religion in general, is being demonized by many as the source of the worlds turmoil.

Yet, I could’t disagree more.

The arguments for or against faith have become largely convoluted in recent years. In an attempt to rationally understand the issues the world faces many are quick to blame religion, but in-so-doing they are overlooking an obvious and more direct cause.

A for profit system that perpetuates war through carefully constructed ideological reasonings.

I know… I know… that was a mouthful. But it is true none-the-less.

The truth is that the mind can construct clever rationalizations to justify almost any action. Therefore, whenever an action is desired a thought process can be adopted to make us think we are righteous in doing so.

Now, if someone else desires a certain action to of you, they can help you reach this by convincing you it is the right thing to do.

People will believe what is convenient, they will hold tightly to the beliefs that prop them up and justify their chosen course of action. This is just human nature.

The manipulation of your worldview, your perception, is an ongoing process and you are being attacked from all sides and at all times.

Companies and Corporations want to sell you something. Fanatics want you to believe as they do. Law makers want you to trust them. There is a trillion dollar industry that wants to sell you war.

They try and accomplish all of this by manipulating the way you see the world.

Ideologies are all around us. They help us to form a mental map of the complex world in which we live. These ideologies can be anything from a system of belief that forms an organized religion, or a system of belief that creates blind Patriotism.

All ideologies can be radicalized, and in so doing used as a justifying way of perceiving a course of action.

In my opinion the problems of this world are never rooted solely in religion, or any ideology for that matter. The violent and hateful actions of the individual are the direct cause of the worlds problems. In attempting to cast blame on an ideology we are missing the greater problem.

If religion was non-existent people would find new ways to justify violent and hateful action.
Governments would still promote ideologies that preserve and expand their authority.
Hateful people would still construct ridiculous narratives to justify their hate.
Violent people would still lash out and continue dehumanizing their victims to justify the violence.

You see, the problem is always within the individual. As a people, we must accept accountability individually in order to stop the violence, the hate, and the chaos of this world. After all, their can be no war without the soldier.

Although certain ideologies are more dangerous than others in there overtly hateful and divisive narratives, most fall well short of the violence and hate that plagues the world.

I think the struggles we face are the direct manifestations of the psychopathy that has long been rewarded throughout history.

The most ruthless rise to positions of power, the narcissist is rewarded. This is the common thread woven through the tapestry of human history. How else would the proponents of war risen to power?

When this is understood, it is then easy to see how the systems that have developed globally have done so to elevate the narcissist and oppress the compassionate. I am not saying that everyone in a position of power is bad, not by a long-shot, but we clearly have a system that perpetuates violence, hate, and war.
Arno Gruen said, “No matter how much lip service those committed to power (psychopaths) may pay to the principle of equality (empaths), they can never approach their fellow human beings on an equal footing; their relationships with others are defined solely in terms of power and weakness. Therefore, they must accumulate as much power as possible, with the aim of becoming invulnerable and proving this invulnerability.”

William Shakespeare famously stated;
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

This is very true, especially when we look at the direct actions of the players. How often do the actions of the individual betray their true intentions? What about the intentions of government? Or the intentions of a community or an organization? The things we say are often palatable to the majority consensus as to what is proper and acceptable, but our actions are quite often less acceptable.

Take the American people for example. We hold tightly to our aspirations of equality, of freedom, of high ethical and moral standards, yet our actions fall undeniably short.

We promote racism, bigotry, ignorance and hate the whole while patting each other on the back for being ‘good old boys’. UnAmerican has become American. We deny our Veterans, our homeless, and our disenfranchised as we declare our abundance of charity and moral fiber.

The only reason this is possible is because the world is a stage, and we are all actors, adopting the patterns of thought that support our worldview and the worldview of those in which we think we belong.

The politicized agendas of those in positions of power are almost always the fuel towards radicalization of an ideology. Look at Germany and the rise of the Third Reich in the early twentieth century. They used ideologies to promote pro-German nationalist fervor and to dehumanize the Jewish people. The hunger for power, which is rewarded ithrough the political system, fueled this dark episode in recent history. With a mixture of propaganda and pride Hitler raised an entire generation to see themselves as superior and an entire race as sub-human. Arguably, nationalism was the chief ideology used in his radicalization of the German people.

I think most would agree that Hitler and those of like mind caused the horrors of the Holocaust and WWII, and not simply the idea of Nationalism.

No one thinks Nationalism should be blamed. So why are so many people quick to point their finger scoffing at religion?

Again, I think it is pretty obvious that there are those who crave power and politicize the issues we face as a people, and as a nation. By using divisive and hateful rhetoric they create an enemy, a perceived threat, that they can then offer solutions to. It is all a trick. This is true for both the radicalized Muslim jihadist and the Fox watching pro-war American. Both are led down a path of cleverly constructed narratives that justify an end goal, for one it is jihad, and for another it is supporting a war effort. Both believe themselves to be righteous, both willingly accept the loss of human life, both ascribe to the silly romanticized version of a righteous war. Essentially, both are persuaded to bring death and destruction into this world, and that makes them both as far from the truth as possible.

Is it possible that a war effort be just and true? Not really, because war by definition is offensive. Defending oneself or ones community is one thing, but that is far from what we do here in the United States.

The world is not in conflict because of Religion, it is in conflict because of the power-hungry in positions of authority that promote division and hate to perpetuate their power and wealth.

They say hindsight is 20/20 so lets look back at the evidence throughout history. America has been at war for 93% of her existence. Every war was fought for power or for possession, or the preservation of one or the other.

War efforts are profitable to certain interests. War creates a demand that can then be filled and payed for by the peoples money, by taxes.
The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War, which totaled just over $1.1 trillion.

That money directly benefited the very same people that promoted and propagated the lies that led to the war. This is exactly how it has been throughout history time and time again. Wars are manufactured to create profit.

Some estimates put the thirteen year war on terror at 14 million… an hour! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This money is allocated through governmental agencies and privately owned corporations that make there living on war.

Think about that for a minute, 14 million for every hour that passes, every day, all year long. This is an enormous amount of money and it has funded the rise of the military-industrial complex that self-perpetuates the notion that war is good for business.

Unfortunately, war equates to the suffering and death of human beings and is therefore never a good thing. We, here in America, must awaken to the war-mongering that is being droned through our radio signals, wifi connections and news stations to directly influence us towards division and hate, and eventual war.
Every time we speak a hateful word, promote division, or accept an ideology that justifies violence, we are pandering to this cycle of war for profit that has hijacked our nation.


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A Belated New Years Resolution

Today I awoke to the realization that I needed to get my shit together.

For the most part I think I have things running pretty smoothly. The problem isn’t that something in my life is broken per se, the problem is that even though I know better I choose to do the wrong thing sometimes.

This is a very common problem amongst us hairy humanoids. Our imagination, our intellect, and our emotional characteristics seem to create an amalgamation of spirit and mind that often doesn’t know up from down let alone what the perfect decision is each and every time a choice arises.

I could dive into a lengthly rant right know about the complexities of the mind and how we can cleverly convince ourselves(and others) of almost anything, or how the spirit and our feeling nature is our immutable self… yada-yada-yada, but today I am going to get my shit together so no more rants.

I am going to do, not just say.

I am going to fly in the face of my intellectual bullshit and choose correctly each and every time just because I can.

I am going to let my emotions flow freely and not be ashamed or allow them to dictate rash action. I will let them run their course and let a rational assessment of the situation dictate my next move.

I am going to make more money, because I (frankly speaking of course) am being swindled every day my efforts make someone else a thousand bucks whilst I receive but a tenth. I am not a deity and tithing does not please me.

I am going to eat only the things that my body responds positively to. No more Micky Dee’s and a feeling like I am that Sea-Gull that ate too much rotten crab-meat.

I will make the right choice each and every time.

I think I may have found the key to happiness, health, mental stability, and whatever else comprises this thing we call life. It’s called making the right choice, choices that elevate, inspire, nourish and fulfill.

I will make sure I keep this flesh puppet that I control in good physical shape. Take walks, ride my bike around, hit the gym enough to justify that damned direct withdrawal that happens on the tenth of every month…

In summation, I will stop bull-shiting myself into wrongful action.

I will allow myself to feel, and think, and feel some more… and express myself in ways true to who I am.

I will not, under any circumstances, make blanketing assessments of whole groups of people based on race, culture, gender, or religious affiliation (here’s looking at you Trump).

I will not judge the actions or thoughts contained in a vessel that is not my own personal meat-puppet (aka my-self).

I wont allow the propaganda to sway my commitment to reserve the judgement of things I know nothing about. (Yes, even when Fox swears it is true I will not waiver)

Basically I am going to stop being anything except me, unadulterated, unedited and with the volume turned way up.

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15 Simple And Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Earning a living on the inter-webs is fast becoming a reality for thousands of individuals each day.

It makes sense right? I mean, with the internet replacing just about everything the opportunities are moving from the storefronts we were once used to to the laptops and the smart devices that have connected us all.

Just look at how e-commerce has boomed in the last decade. Opportunities are all around us, virtually speaking of course.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

This one I have tried and cannot be happier with. Wealthy Affiliate is an online resource for anyone who wants to learn how money is made online.

Whether it’s through blogging, creating an online store, affiliate marketing or monetizing an existing website these guys have you covered. They offer free and premium access packages. I recommend you sign up for free just as I did and take advantage of their Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp training. Both of these can teach you how to build a successful online business in your spare time at no cost to you.

As far as honest and authentic information goes they are number 1 in my book. They are a value first company that knows once you’ve tried their services you’re likely to become a loyal customer full of praise. They offer a paid service as well but that’s totally optional, you’ll get everything you need to get started with the free package. Sign up for free today.

2. Incentivized Freebie Websites

Incentivized Freebie Websites are pretty easy to understand once you visit them. I’m sure you’ve been there, we all have. They give you the chance to earn cash or prizes by first fulfilling the required number of special offers, and secondly, by referring others who must then do the same, and presto, they send you the promised gift or cash award.

I used to think these sites where a scam- until a friend showed me the cash payout in real time.

These sites are very real and they payout every time. The problem is that most people are skeptical at best and turn away, or worse yet they give up half way through trying to complete the offers because they become overwhelmed.

That’s not the way to look at it. These sites give anyone, anywhere, the real ability to make money from home with little effort. Check out this short business model that even a five year old could follow

1-complete offers and be green-lighted to start sending referrals for cash
2-send referrals for cash

It’s ridiculously simple. All you need is a PayPal account connected to the e-mail you sign up with when you register so when your referrals sign up and complete the offers you get paid. Just like anything else the work you put in will directly reflect what you get out of this opportunity.

The trick to this is understanding the reality that if you can find and funnel quality referrals into these IFW’s you will make cash. I recommend the no nonsense approach. Split the cash you receive with those who you refer to the sites, and explain to them the process so that they understand how valuable the site will then become to them once they are green-lighted to start sending referrals.

Once green-lighted by the I.F.W, you simply sell the opportunity of earning extra cash online to others while explaining the process in detail.

We’re talking about big time corporations behind the special offers on these sites. They have extremely deep pockets so the incentives they offer can be pretty awesome. The best one I have found is THIS SITE,  they offer 60 dollars cash for every person who you refer to their website that completes the required number of offers. You could use an extra 60 bucks right? Imagine how much you could make if everyone on your social networks wasn’t immobilized by skepticism.

As they say, fortune favors the bold. Those who never succeed often never even tried, not to mention you can complete only the free offers and never even spend a dime!

3. Sell T-Shirts, Hoodies and more!

Did you know that there are companies out there that will create your product and ship it for you while you sit back and relax? It’s called drop-shipping and it’s a beautiful thing. There’s one company that makes things so easy they will build and host your website for free. All you have to do is come up with the images or designs for a unique clothing line. As you’ve probably already realized the world is a pretty big place, and you can sell just about anything. I recommend you focus on something you are passionate about and let the creative juices flow. There are plenty of ways you can get images for your designs, the easiest of which is taking photos. Heck, you could take pictures of every cat you see and sell to people who show an interest in cat merchandise via targeted Facebook Advertising. You simply upload the images you love and BAM, you’ve got a product to sell- all from the comfort of your own home. 

This process gives anyone the opportunity to become a business owner with very little time and effort. You can sign up here for free and start building an online business today.

Here’s an example of a site I built in a matter of hours. www.creepybears.com

4. Write an e-book

Writing an e-book is easier than you might think. I was watching one of Jeff Walkers YouTube video’s and he gave me the best writing advice I’ve heard to date. He said to set the timer and write until it goes off. He also said that in the beginning of this process he was writing; ‘I don’t know what to write’ repeatedly from time to time, but after a while he was pumping out chapter after chapter. Sometimes the most important thing is to just keep going. No matter what it is you want to write about just do it. Once you have an e-book to sell you can turn it int a passive income stream for the rest of your life (or as long as the topic is relevant), choose wisely.

Don’t worry, you can self-publish through Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and various other platforms. As long as your content doesn’t violate there guidelines of course.

Here’s a video that explains everything.

5. Create an Online Course

Yup, you heard that right. YOU can teach others. All of us are good at our very own unique combination of skills. Somewhere in that amalgamation is something that you are really good at.

Have you identified it yet? Is it creative writing? Is it drawing? Maybe you collect stamps? In the end it doesn’t really matter what it is because someone else out there feels just as passionate as you do and wants to learn more.

That’s where you come in.

There are a few online platforms that allow individuals just like you and me post online courses. They provide a wealth of information and support to help you get that course out of your head, onto paper, and finally into a video format so that it can be delivered through the magic of the inter webs to whomever wants to learn from you, wherever they may be!

The beauty of this is the passive income stream that is generated after the initial workload is over. Get in there and get the work done and before you know it you’ll have another revenue stream. See how this works?

My personal favorite is SkillShare.

6. Become a Language Teacher Online

This is another awesome opportunity for anyone with an internet connection and a desire to make a living online. Language teachers are sought after the world over. People everywhere are learning second languages. The internet has expanded the ability for native speakers of a language to reach students across the globe. Sign up and become a teacher today! The become a teacher button is on the bottom of the page under the ‘Get Help’ category.
Get started today.

7. Amazon

If you already have a product that you sell you may want to consider Amazons Vendor Program. It allow anyone who has an existing business and wants to put it on auto-pilot. What Amazon does is takes care of everything from buying and storing the merchandise, to shipping and customer service. They will be taking a percentage of the proceeds but it may just be the way you can finally travel the globe and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

8. Google Adsense

This technique requires you have a website and are generating at least some traffic. The ads are serviced by Google and you will be paid a small amount for how many times the ads are viewed. Once you are approved for the Adsense program you simply copy and paste the code they provide. This process generates very small amounts of money unless your site is generating millions of views, or unless the ads are clicked and a purchase is made. Adsense results vary depending on the content of the site and how well the ads are matched to your audiences consumer needs.

9. Rakuten LinkShare

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is an easy way to bring your audience merchandise they love. Almost everyone knows about Amazon and iTunes Affiliate programs but did you know there was a network of Affiliate programs all in one place? Well now you do. It’s called Rakuten LinkShare and they have thousands of opportunities for Affiliate Marketers.
Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

10. Amazon Associates

Another awesome program is the Amazon Associates program. Once accepted you will be able to create short links to any of Amazons web-pages, create customized links to products of your choice, or just let Amazon host banner ads on your site. If a purchase is made you get a cut. I use Amazon a lot and so do millions of others, it’s just smart business to bring your audience the things they are already buying. In my opinion this is one of the best options for those of us who want to create content based websites rather than your typical online storefront.

Check out this cheeky post I put up on one of my sites and notice the Amazon Merchandise below the video.


11. Website Building

There are two ways to go about this. The first would be to build and maintain websites that you own, and use as a vehicle for affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling directly to your audience. The other way would be to build websites for clients. Either way it is a viable way to earn an honest living from the comfort of your own home or wherever you carry your lap-top to.
Building a website has become extremely easy. All you need is the platform to get started. If you are already a business owner and want a stand-alone site without having to lift a finger you should sign up with BlueHost. They are extremely professional and I couldn’t be happier with their service.

If on the other hand you want to create a website that you will be building and maintaining yourself I recommend you start with this free website creation platform. I’ve used them and they give you for free what others charge for.

12. Etsy

Are you creative? Do you have an interest in crafts? Maybe you have a few boxes of homemade jewelry or a basement full of bird houses you made in your spare time. Maybe you’ve always made hand-crafted ornaments or gift cards during the holidays? If you are a creator than Etsy is the place for you. It’s an online marketplace that specializes in homemade, handcrafted, and uniquely awesome merchandise. All you need to do is sign up, take awesome pics of the items you’ve created, and start selling! This is an especially good idea for those of us who just can’t help but let the creativity flow!

13. Craigslist

Whether you want to turn those boxes of comics from your childhood into a pile of cash or you love hunting for antiques in garage sales, Craigslist may just be your ticket to a side income. Craigslist is also largely unregulated, so proceed with caution when dealing with people. Always meet in a public place and during the day. Well, now that I’ve creeped you out I will move on. Craigslist has been the go-to for savvy buyers and sellers for decades. Most of the merchandise is second hand with some exceptions, but over-all the site is a treasure trove of deals, and if you have the knack you can haggle them even lower.

14. KickStarter

Do you have an incredible idea but lack the funds to see your passion become reality? If this sounds like you Kickstarter is the place to go. It is a crowd-funding platform that connects creators and innovators with individual investors. I wish they had this when I was a teenager. I was teeming with awesome ideas, many of which I saw come to fruition for those with bigger bank accounts and better connections.

15. Blogging

Anyone can become a blogger. All it takes is the passion and dedication the share information about something you love. The most successful bloggers use a combination of Pay-Per Click advertising, Affiliate Links and the sale of Informational Products and E-books they own to earn a handsome pay-check. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a large enough audience to start seeing real results but those who stay the course start earning a recurring passive income. If you steadily invest a few hours at a time two to three times per week, you can rest assured that in a few years you will be earning handsomely for your efforts.

I Cannot Remain Willfully Ignorant

Can I be honest for a minute?

I am horrified at all the divisive and hateful rhetoric that is being thrown around all willy-nilly these days.


I mean lets get serious for a minute; we have presidential hopefuls slandering each other mercilessly while spewing bigoted ignorance.

Whole cultures are being demonized based on race and religion. Everywhere I turn I hear someone blaming another group of people for …something.

The blame game never ends in anything but more conflict, more division, and more hate.

Ironically, the real problem is the hateful and divisive rhetoric itself. It acts as the fuel for the fires of negative emotion that keep us at war with ourselves and each other.


It keeps humanity divided.

This hateful and divisive rhetoric fractures our humanity by driving cleverly constructed wedges between what we know in our hearts to be true and what we believe in our minds eye. It keeps us focused on the differences instead of the similarities.

This is the same type of rhetoric used throughout history by the megalomaniac to persuade people to view another race or culture as inferior or sub-human. It is the oldest and most effective trick used by those in positions of power to justify the war efforts and violence that directly benefits the preservation and expansion of their very own power.


It is a cyclical game of psychological conditioning. In time the unthinkable becomes thinkable, and then the dogs of war are released.

We have seen how horrifyingly effective this type of divisive and hateful rhetoric can be in the not-so-distant past. Just think Holocaust, Internment Camps, 9-11, or Lynchings, all of which happened only after this type of hateful and divisive speech infected the worldview of a human being who would ultimately take up action.

How else would young men and women willingly take up arms to brutally murder other young men and women unless they believed, in their minds eye, that they where doing what must be done to those who do not deserve to live?


This goes for the terrorist as well as the soldier; both believe they are doing the righteous thing.

This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest deceptions of modern times: the belief that one is superior over another, that ones own perspective somehow has more validity than anyone else.

Once this belief is solidified it shapes the worldview of its host. The hateful rhetoric that was once heard is then spoken, and the cycle continues.

There is a frightening aspect to this process which I cannot quite figure out. I just cannot understand how the minds of some can remain willingly ignorant enough to allow these hateful and biased pundits penetrate their experiential understanding of the world at large.

I get it that some people are biased from personal experience and trauma, and that I can understand, but how do people who have zero real-world experience of a certain race or religion accept the hateful and biased rhetoric of someone they have never met?

Personally, I cannot remain willfully ignorant.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the Muslims I have known and loved as peaceful and compassionate human beings.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the love and generosity that is typical of my Latin American friends and family.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the beautiful friendship and support given me by my LGBT friends and family.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the love and companionship of my African American Girlfriend.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the beauty and light I see behind the eyes of all children, regardless of race.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant that my heart aches for all people to be free from suffering.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant that I am a human being, and that everything I am made of is enriched by love and tarnished by hate.

I just cannot remain willfully ignorant.

As usual thanks for stopping by!!

Monday Comic Relief|StrangeAwe.Com (Video)

I am back to present to you another of my Favorite YouTubers Videos on this Mondays Comic Relief. Start your week off on the right foot by taking a few minutes to enjoy zefrank1’s amazing video ‘True Facts About The Aye Aye’. As always I recommend you head on over and subscribe to his channel and be sure to like the video! (It’s the least we can do after he’s given us such entertainment!)

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If There’s No Enemy Within, The Enemy Outside Can Do Us No Harm|Inspirational (Video) StrangAwe.com

The drive to succeed, to become something more, takes effort and a tireless dedication. It takes no effort to remain on the bottom, to be comfortable and complacent. We should constantly be working on ourselves, building ourselves up.

Lets keep this in mind as we continue to work toward our goals and create this world into the beautiful place it is destined to be.

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Monday Comic Relief| True Facts About The Owl (Video)|StrangeAwe.com

Rarely do I come across comedic genius like in Zefrank’s “True Fact’s About The Owl”. I highly recommend you head on over to YouTube and subscribe to his channel. You won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, watch the video below to get started on the right foot this Monday morning. Smile and laugh, life’s better that way!

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What About Awakening? | These Words Do The Trick (Video) |StrangeAwe.com

The Guyatri Mantra comes from the Vedic tradition, one of the oldest spiritual paths known to mankind. Vedism is one of the major religions which influenced the form of Hinduism, which we see in India today. The origins of this beautiful tradition date back thousands of years. They come from the depth of our beginnings as a developed and cultured world. Their is a power and depth to these words. They soothe and awaken that inner light deep within.

Let me know if they move you as well.

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I’m Back! Better than Before…

Hello everyone. First let me apologize for my absence. Truth be told I was starting a new business venture to obtain the financial freedom I desire.  You see- I am a very passionate person who loves to create, yet it has been difficult for me to translate that passion into a way to pay the bills.

Thankfully I have finally found a way!

After many different attempts I have finally found a process that works and is yielding lucrative results, and I couldn’t be happier!!

Stay tuned for full disclosure.

Boogeyman Politics

Division between Democrats and Republicans are at an all time high. Heck, division within each party is at an all time high. The type of irreconcilable division we are witnessing is disheartening, especially when you account for the simple fact that most people, no matter what their party or political ideology, want what is best for their country.

That begs the question; How do they see their country?

There is no doubt that America has changed. Every generation observes ground shaking events, both domestically and abroad, that change the way we view ourselves, the world around us, and everything within.

The post-911 atmosphere left many (if not most) Americans having to start from scratch, reformulating how they perceived America and the world at large. Everything we had been led to believe suddenly felt a lie, or at the very least we were forced to recognize a naivety within ourselves.

How could we have felt so safe? So invincible?

In the mind of every American there was suddenly a void.

That void has become host to a new worldview, a new perception of America, and that depends largely on where you get your information from.

I had a discussion with a friend lately. We were speaking about the recent social media post that cites 97% of America’s poorest counties being Republican.

The post is accurate. It has been fact checked and holds up to close scrutiny.

What is not clear is what this statistic actually represents.

Those on the so-called left will cite Republican hypocrisy. Pointing to how the GOP regularly condemns and criminalizes socially and economically depressed areas. Given how Republicans repeatedly demonize Obamacare and the Governmental assistance programs, that the poorest among us rely on to maintain a quality of life, you wouldn’t expect the poorest counties to identify Republican.

On the right you hear the typical go to defense about liberal bias and how this statistic isn’t indicative of what the left believes. The right has no shortage of theory as to why The People struggle, from the oppression of big government to the outrageous and erroneous claim that Obama is in fact a Muslim, or a Lizard man.

But what does this statistic indicate? What can we discern from this interesting and seemingly counter-intuitive piece of information?

I have my own theory, and it doesn’t intrinsically rely on party affiliation or race, nor does it rely on intelligence, or the lack thereof.

In my eyes, this statistic is a testament to the lack of experiential information entering the bubbles within which the poorest among us live.
In my understanding, this statistic is indicative of a lack of education.

A broader education that goes beyond the limitations the poorest among us experience.

They cannot afford education or travel. They are limited in their exposure to the world at large. They do not have friends who study abroad, take regular vacations, or do much beyond the fifty mile scope they range.

What they do have access to is the mainstream American media conglomerate that offers a glimpse into the world at large. They have but to press a button and be given explanation for each and every world event, no matter how minute, and be ‘educated’ on the matter.

These poorest counties in America have to rely on media to explain to them the broader issues outside of their counties.

Now, taking into account the constant and incessant stream of negative and divisive news stories it’s no mystery that these individuals are fearful and reactive towards a perceived threat.

The cornerstone of the current Republican Party, and their supporters, is to take justified action against a perceived threat.

The reason that 97% of the Nations poorest counties are identifying Republican is because their worldview is literally formed through watching and listening to Republican leaning news sources.

The simple fact is that these 97% probably have never met a Muslim. They do not have many minority friends, whether black or hispanic, and they simply have no reason not to believe the biased and ignorant views expressed on FOX. Do we really think that the LGBT presence in their poor Republican County is significant?

You see, in order to believe the policy proposals of say… Trump, you must first believe in the immediacy and validity of a threat to America.

If you support the building of a wall you must first perceive the border as a porous membrane seeping refuse onto Americas pristine soil.

In order to believe that any and every Muslim entering America should be vetted as a potential threat you must first be convinced that a religious preference to Islam creates an increased likelihood that you are a threat.

If you want to support his slogan “Make America Great Again” you must first believe that he has fallen from a position called “Great” to something lesser.

The problem with these presumptions are simple, they rely more on opinionated rhetoric than they do on facts.

Here are some fun facts that expose the ridiculousness of the ‘threats’ we face.
Immigrants commit crime at a rate lesser than native born. Honey bees kill more Americans than terrorists. And America is absolutely still the greatest military power in the world.

We need to stop all this infighting that relies on a lack of research. Turn off the TV and start Googling. Read everything.

Do me a favor, take any issue at hand and research the validity of the claim and weigh its importance on your own. When you’ve found relevant information share it!

Thanks for stopping by!